Chapter 1: A Parliamentary Encounter

It was 7.15am, and the early morning sun shone brightly over a sleepy Canberra. The last tendrils of the overnight mist were dissipating as Mike Laycock strolled across the lawn of Parliament house. It was to be an important day for him, and he could barely contain his emotions. He quickly reached the entrance, greeted the security guard, and hurried quickly inside. He knew the way to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trading’s office like the back of his hand. For the last several months, he and the Minister had been in deep negotiations with the Foreign Secretaries of many other nations in the region and indeed across the globe, attempting to piece together a very important transglobal trade deal. It was, without a doubt in his mind, Mike Laycock’s greatest achievement so far in his role with the Department.

“I’m here to see the minister”, he announced loudly to the young woman working on the reception desk, before strutting past her as though she didn’t even exist. Mike didn’t have time for women in business, or in pleasure. He never had, and he certainly never would.

“Ah, Mike! You’re here early” greeted Christopher Wayne, the Foreign Minister. “I’m very glad you’re here Mike. I just got off the phone with the British Embassy and they need more details on the partnership before they sign off on it.”

Whatever could they want now, wondered Mike to himself. He had only spent the last week describing the deal and what the partnership would entail in great detail to the British Foreign Secretary. It was a big surprise to hear they still had questions, but Mike kept a straight look on his face.

Christopher continued on – “it seems they have a few questions regarding the size and the position that Australia would take in the partnership. All very stressful business, wouldn’t you agree?”

Mike nodded slowly. “I can see where they may have been confused. I’ve been negotiating with so many different people, it’s hard to keep up the stamina sometimes”.

“Oh, I can’t imagine stamina is your issue” replied Christopher, and he slowly loosened his tie, and smoothly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his bare torso underneath, covered only by a thin veil of blonde, curly hair that extended from his nipples down to his abs before disappearing below the waistband of his black pants. “In fact, I know for certain you have the best stamina of any man I’ve ever employed before”. Mike could feel his cock hardening in his pants as he gazed upon Christopher’s perfectly chiselled body. Animalistic desire rushed through Mike’s blood, and he confidently stepped forward, grabbing Christopher by the neck and passionately kissing him, reaching for his oesophagus with his tongue. Christopher was already working on Mike’s shirt, rapidly unbuttoning it and throwing it to the floor. He immediately pulled away from Mike and began to lick his right nipple, in small concentric circles. Mike knew his pants wouldn’t be able to hold his erecting penis inside for much longer, and he fumbled for the clasp, releasing his slowing growing monster from within. Christopher could feel Mike’s 10 inch penis on his leg and he decided to take his own pants off, revealing his own, slightly shorter but significantly thicker member.

“We are definitely going to have fun today, aren’t we?” murmered Mike as he devoured Christopher’s cock, pumping slowly at it with his mouth and speeding up. Christopher let out a small groan and pulled out. He bent Mike over a stone table in the middle of his office, and began to lick his asshole while gently caresseing the head of his knob with his left hand, his wedding band providing an around yet cooling sensation, like ice on his hot cock. It wasn’t long before Mike was groaning as well. “You are very good at this, have you done it before?” Mike asked.

“Why yes of course”, Christopher replied. “Everybody in Parliament House knows how to do this”. Christopher sensed that Mike was ready, and he slid his cock inside Mike’s rectum, gyrating it and thrusting it. With each thrust, Mike could feel the tension welling within his pelvis, waiting to explode out of him. This man is amazing, Mike thought to himself. “I wonder if his wife knows how lucky she is to have this?

Christopher clearly wasn’t ready to let the encounter end, and after ten minutes of thrusting and growling, he pulled his cock out, flipped Mike on his back and then sat down on Mike’s cock. It was now time for Mike to impress Christopher, to make him believe he had what it took to finalise the transglobal partnership deals and secure himself a permanent role in the Department of Foreign Affairs. Christopher was riding him, and Mike was determined to give him the fucking of a lifetime. Mike began violently thrusting and gyrating his hips, penetrating deeper and deeper into Christopher who was left flailing as though riding a mechanical bull. Both men reached orgasm simultaneously, as Mike squirted hot semen all over Christopher’s ass, and Christopher squirting all over Mike’s chest. Gasping and trying to catch their breath, the two men clambered up off the stone table. Christopher walked over to his desk, opened the top drawer and pulled out an old-looking towel, and wiped himself down, before throwing the towel to Mike. Once Mike had wiped every last drop of Christopher’s seed off his chest, Christopher collected the towel and placed it back into the desk drawer.

“You’d better have a shower before you meet the British Foreign Secretary,” Christopher instructed. “I’d hate for him to suspect anything was going on between us right before he signs off on the agreement”. Christopher gestured Mike towards the door on the left wall of his office. Mike knew it was his private bathroom, having been in there with a different staff member only days beforehand.

Mike stepped into the shower, and let the cool water wash over his naked, exhausted body. His erection was finally receeding and he felt a deep sense of satisfaction roll through his body. He knew Christopher was also deeply satisfied with their encounter. Water dripped from Mike’s muscled body, ran down his perfectly shaven front and dripped down from his hairless scrotum. He could feel the sweat and the raw desire from the encounter being washed away, and once fully refreshed, he emerged from the shower. He wiped his body down with a white towel, taking extra care to wipe down his chest, his abs, and his meaty cock. He smiled to himself and let out a small laugh as he redressed. He could only hope this morning’s meeting with the British Foreign Secretary would be as satisfying as the one with Christopher Wayne.


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