Chapter 4: Exposing Secrets

Mike was, for the first time in a long time, totally speechless. He stood there, mouth agape, unsure of what he had just witnessed.

“Mike,” began the French Ambassador, “we have kept this secret for a very long time, and you are the first person to expose us. Please, it is very important you understand what has been happening”.

Mike wasn’t stupid. He knew what had been happening, but played dumb all the same.

The Ambassador continued. “Hans and I, we have been… involved, for about ten years now. It is very secret, and nobody knows at all. It began before I was Ambassador, and before he was the Chancellor when everything was ok. But our affair endured and our deep affection for one another prevented us from ending it, even though it was the right thing to do” He paused for a moment, and looked positively crestfallen. “Yes, it has been difficult for both of us. Now that I have been posted here for the last 6 months things have become incredibly difficult. For both of us. But also, especially hard for Hans”.

Hans wiped a small tear from his eye. “Ach, ja. Very difficult indeed, my friend. You see, it has been a long affair. And vorse, my vife, she is leaving me because I have been too busy pining for Francoise and not fulfilling my role as a husband”.

Mike was shocked. He didn’t know all of this, but he knew it was valuable information nonetheless.

“Oui,” said Francoise the Ambassador. “It has been very hard. And to make matters worse, our relationship too is having problems”. By now, Francoise was openly sobbing. “We have spend ten years together and now we are being pulled apart. The passion is leaving our relationship. What you saw today, all this” – he widely gestured to the crumpled papers on the desk and bottle of anal lubricant slowly dripping water-based fluid onto the timber desk – “all this is my attempt to spice up the relationship.”

‘Ve have had our hardships, but ve are confident ve will get through this together” said the German Chancellor. “For nothing is stronger than the love and deep affection between France and Deutschland’

Mike doubted this claim, but remained silent. “Perhaps there is a way I can help” said Mike, looking them directly in they eyes, and winking slowly. “When by friend’s David and Anthony had relationship troubles, they decided to have a threesome with a drag queen called Jemima Limbless, and that really helped them out. Perhaps I could do the same for you?”

The Frenchman and the German looked at each other. “Vat do you thing, my darling?” asked the Chancellor.

“There was always been three people in this relationship, with that blasted wife of yours hanging about. I say we do this, and we do this right now” replied the Ambassador, hungrily eyeing off Mike’s torso. Mike was very happy to see his choice of clothing had the desired effect. The Frenchman stood up and walked over to Mike, and stood behind him. He bent over and kissed him hard on the mouth, pushing the back of Mike’s head into his crotch. Mike was very pleased to feel the Frenchman’s erect penis against the back of his head. Francoise moved his hands down, and began caressing Mike’s nipples though the thin material. Mike’s nipples responded quickly, and began to harden. He would most certainly enjoy this.

The German, obviously feeling very aroused by this point, walked over and proceeded to undo Mike’s belt and pants. Pulling his pants down slightly, Mike’s erection sprung from his pants, ready for duty. The German set to work dutifully, caressing every inch of Mike’s engorged penis with his mouth and tongue, his blonde hair flapping limply cross Mike’s pubic region. The Frenchman, not wanting to miss out, unbuttoned his own pants and smoothly slid them off. He pulled Mike’s hands behind the chair and used a pant leg to tie his wrists together. His shirt came off, and he used the sleeves to cover Mike’s eyes, tying them into a makeshift blindfold. Once he was ready, Francoise tapped on Mike’s lips with his penis, and Mike obligingly opened his mouth to accept. His penis was shorter than expected, perhaps only five inches or so, and lacked the girth Mike so desired. But it did have a large, bulbous head which Mike immediately got to work on. He expertly licked, sucked and slurped on the Frenchman’s prick until he was certain the man wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. “Untie me, please” he asked. It was the German who came to his rescue, removing the blindfold and taking off the makeshift hand tie. The German man was fully naked by this point, and Mike marvelled at his body. He was tall, taller than Mike, with well defined muscles and impressive abs and between his legs, a very impressive looking cock. He was cut, and long in length, longer than Mike’s own ten inches, and appropriately thick. Hanging beneath were two impressive balls within their natural sack. Without thinking, Mike started to lick the German’s scrotum and before long, was sucking on his left testicle before proceeding to the right. Hans hummed in satisfaction, and clearly approved of Mike’s actions. Francoise, not to be left out, stood next to Mike and began to passionately kiss Hans deeply, reaching for his tonsils with his tongue. Mike grabbed onto Francoise cock and began to masturbate it, slowly so that he wouldn’t get too excited. It wasn’t long before Mike had Hans’ cock in the back of his throat, hungrily devouring it in all it’s glory. Sucking on Hans’ dick and playing with Francoise’s at the same time was in itself extremely pleasurable for Mike. He hadn’t felt this turned on in a long time. Hans pushed Mike off his cock and whispered “my turn to eat you, my dear” with a devilish grin on his handsome face. Before he knew it, Mike was laying back on the desk with his legs waving about in the air as the German devoured his asshole, licking and tonguing it until Mike saw stars. Francoise, not wanting to miss out, squatted over Mike’s face, and invited him to give his asshole the same treatment. There were groans of ecstasy from both Mike and Francoise, signalling to Hans that it was time to change tactic. He stood up, bent over Mike and kissed him on the mouth, pushing his tongue deeper until it reached places his cock had been only minutes beforehand. He pressed firmly on Mike’s sphincter, and pushed one finger inside. Feeling along the edges, he quickly located Mike’s prostate and began to expertly massage it with one finger, before adding a second finger and a third into the situation. Mike felt the tension in his pelvis, but didn’t allow himself to climax. Not yet, anyway. Suddenly, Hans slipped his large penis into Mike’s accommodating rectum, and thrust deeply once, twice, three times… Francoise got on top of the desk and straddled Mike’s cock, pushing it deep into himself so that he was facing towards Hans. Three bodies thrust and writhed together for several minutes, as all the men moaned and groaned. Mike could feel an enormous orgasm rising deep in his pelvis, stimulated by both Hans’ cock in his ass and his own cock in Francoise’s ass….. Groaning loudly, Mike shuddered as his orgasm flushed through his body, pushing the two other men to orgasm as well. The room was filled with animalistic noises and the sound of three sweating bodies pounding each other vigorously. Panting, the men lay their briefly before untangling themselves and getting themselves back together again.

“I think’ gasped Mike, still panting hard, “I think that was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life!”

The other two men agreed. Indeed for all three, the sax was the best they’d ever had.

Once fully dressed, the men sat down for their scheduled business meeting. Francoise began. “Mike,” he said, “I understand you have gotten me here to finalise the agreement you are hoping to make with me on our respective nation’s behalf. And of course, after than performance, I am very willing to agree to it. In fact, there’s not a lot a won’t agree to after that”. He quickly scrawled his signature on a stack of forms and handed them to Mike.

Mike knew he had to take his chance now. “Thank you, Francoise, that is very helpful of you. Now, I must ask for one more thing. I met with Leonard Thompson yesterday – the British Foreign secretary. Now he is also on board with this deal, but he will not sign until the French government return a portrait of his ancestor, Albert Thompson to his possession.”

Anger flushed across Francoise face. “Of course he thinks that French art belongs to him! Of course that British worm accuses us of theft, without acknowledging the thefts by his own blasted nation!” He continued to rage in rapid French for several minuted before Hans was able to calm him down.

Mike decided to take a gamble. Afterall, the agreement had been signed and there wasn’t much to lose. “I respect that Francoise, really. But I too have a secret I have kept from you. I brought with me a recording camera, and have streamed our lovemaking to a secret hard drive. Now, that painting is all it will take for that footage to remain on that hard drive. But if I don’t get that painting by tomorrow evening, unfortunately that video may be leaked to every news organisation in the western world”. Mike was deadly serious, and the two men sitting before him could tell. They could barely hide the look of fear that spread across their faces.

“You have a deal, Australian” said the Chancellor slowly. “You know this video could destroy not only my career, but my entire country too. I cannot have that. Germany has always been united and I cannot risk destroying that now! You will have your painting, I will courier my copy of the transglobal agreement to your office. And then I hope we never see you again!”

Mike was satisfied with the outcome. Both France and Germany were on board, and by tomorrow evening, he could count on the British to have signed onto the agreement too. That meant there were only six more people needing to sign up and he would have orchestrated the biggest international agreement of the modern times.

Once fully clothed, he left the embassy with an air of satisfaction. It was a shame that his afternoon of incredible sex ended on a sour note, but Mike wasn’t bothered much. He had always hated the French, and the German’s weren’t much better in his book.


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